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Otran Energy Joint Stock Company is a member company of Otran Group. We are currently the leading private company in trading imported coal in Vietnam with a goal to expand the operation to regional markets. Having large scale as our economic advantage, together with advantages in ports, logistics and storage areas, we bring to customers the best benefit in product quality, added by the most optimal service solutions and the most competitive prices.


The company’s primary business is supplying different types of coal for the industrial manufacturing sector in the Southern region, Central Highlands and Central Vietnam, with services including the loading and discharge of cargo from ship, coal freight forwarding to customers, import – export customs clearance among others.

Together with the integration and development of the country, Otran Energy Joint Stock Company has been step by step developing sustainably, enhancing effectiveness and competitiveness, participating and committing to protect the ecological environment.

The method that led us to success is to be quick at seizing opportunities and meeting customers’ demand at each and every regional and provincial market, combined with a host of flexible financial solutions, a closed service system and a large-scale infrastructure system that have been invested synchronously, together with our ability to connect and build relationship with strategic partners and global suppliers. Via this pathway, Otran Energy commits to be the supplier for high quality products with reasonable prices and provides a comprehensive logistics solution that is the most optimal and best to-date on the market.

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