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Otran Energy Joint Stock Company will become one of the leading coal businesses in Vietnam, the major supplier of coal and the largest logistics provider in the southern and central Vietnam regions.


For customers: Commit to be both a reliable supplier and partner, growing side by side with customers, putting reputation and mutually beneficial cooperation as top priority for a higher value-added and a sustainable development.

For the market: Provide high quality coal products and an appropriate logistics service that bring value-added to meet and satisfy the market demand.

For staff: Create a professional working environment that encourages staff proactivity and creativity, so that an equality of opportunity to develop with a high income for the entire team is formed.

For the Corporation: Place the corporation benefit above all and always finish the target set.

For the society: Harmonize the business and society benefits towards social responsibility and community contribution.

For the environment: Participate and commit in protecting the ecological environment.